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Lesson Fifteen-Review Questions
December 08, 2008 06:35 AM PST

Send me your ideas about our class. Listen to seven questions, and then tell me what you think.

Lesson Fourteen: A Software Engineer
December 01, 2008 06:22 AM PST

Listen and write twelve sentences about a software engineer at work. Then watch the interview on our podcast page with a software engneer. Decide if these twelve sentences are true or false while you listen to him talk about his job. Email me your true/false sentences. What about you? Would you enjoy a job like this?

Lesson Thirteen: Computer Programmers
November 24, 2008 09:28 AM PST

This podcast dictation tells you something about the job we call "computer programmer." Write about this job, and email your work to me. When we use our computers, we can say thank you to a computer programmer. They are the people who tell our computers what to do.

Lesson Twelve: Present and Past
November 16, 2008 08:12 PM PST

Listen carefully to the verb. Do you hear "live" or "lived," "work"or "worked"?It can be so tricky to hear the past time "ed" sound in English! We will learn about Power Point in the next part of our class. You will describe your past and your present, so this listening lesson should help you be ready to talk about yourself with Power Point.

Lesson Eleven: What do we think at Alemany? Take a poll.
November 10, 2008 02:08 PM PST

Get ready to learn about your Alemany classmates. We will ask them questions to find out what Alemany students do and what Alemany students like. This podcast will give you practice with some questions about habits and opinions. In our class, we will use questions to study about spreadsheets, graphs and charts.

Lesson Ten: Roberta's Budget
November 03, 2008 09:27 AM PST

Listen and find out how Roberta spends her money. Write down how much she spends on the paper you can download from our class webpage. Check your numbers with your classmates. Then, work together and make a spreadsheet for her budget. Make a pie chart, too!

Lesson NIne: More about spreadsheets
October 27, 2008 09:03 AM PDT

It's time to do more with spreadsheets this week. While we learn to do some more things with spreadsheets, this podcast will also help you understand infinitive verbs and how they work in English.

Lesson Eight: Using Spreadsheets
October 20, 2008 10:31 AM PDT

This week we will begin to learn about spreadsheets. First we will learn some vocabulary and then we will learn how we can use basic spreadsheets. I think you will enjoy using them. They can be very helpful. While you listen to this computer vocabulary, you will also practice using gerunds, an important part of Engish grammar.

Lesson Six: Check your Email
October 05, 2008 12:14 PM PDT

Some of you are just beginning to use email. Some of you use email very often. In today's world, email can be a great way to communicate. We'll use this podcast to learn more about email.

Lesson Five: Let's talk about time.
September 21, 2008 09:03 PM PDT

How long have you used a computer? How long did you work on a computer last week? This lesson will help you hear and understand more about present perfect and past time verbs. We use both in English to explain about time.

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